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Live from New York . . .
Hanging in & hanging out . . .

It's a new year - a time for new beginnings and I'm beginning work on my next book. This one will be about life in New York City. I recently completed my TESOL course in teaching English as a second language and am now certified to teach ESL to both adults and children. I've lately been attending classes and studying the history and sights of New York City and will soon acquire a NYC tour guide license, as well. Still dabbling in Theatre and I have taken a Directing class taught by Tony award* winning director Jack Hofsiss (*The Elephant Man). The full-length play that I am currently directing was postponed, but I hope we'll get up up and running later this year. And I continue to research my family's French background from Lorraine. One of these days I'll revisit France and find the two villages that my father's ancestors originated from.


    Web Portfolio


  Some things you probably don't know about me:

Travel, Adventure, Jazz, Understanding stuff

Main Interests:
History, Europe, Language, Literature

Theatre work, Photography, Webdesign, Jazz concerts, Reading, Crossword & Jigsaw puzzles, Painting (interior), Sewing, Walking

Things – Fresh air, Flowers, Books, Music, Wine, my Computer
Colors – Blue, Olive green
Music – Jazz, Blues, '70s Hard Rock
Pastimes – Dining out with good wine and stimulating
  conversation; Cocktails & laughter with friends
Film Genre – Independent & Foreign
Movie – Charade (C. Grant, A. Hepburn, W. Matthau, J. Coburn, & G. Kennedy)
TV shows – Crime dramas, British mysteries,
 Masterpiece Theatre
Comedy troupe – Monty Python (still)
Clothes – Shoes, Black turtlenecks
Pets – Labrador Retrievers, (all big dogs)
Vehicles – PT Cruiser, Vespa
Sports Team – NY Yankees

Arrogance, Bad manners, Betrayal, Conceit, Greed, Foul language, Injustice, Meanness, Selfishness, Violence; also Cigarette/cigar smoke, Daytime TV, Logos on (my) clothes, Male bling, Rap & Latin music, and any Housework involving water

Where I've Lived:
St. Louis, San Francisco, New York City

Where I've Been:
France, Italy, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Romania
  and 31 of America's states, plus Puerto Rico

Languages I've Studied:
French, German, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian  
(Speak fluently: none)

Corporate Career/job:
Systems/Operations Analyst & Trainer; Magazine Marketing