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The Times Square Playwrights
Dedicated to the development of new works.
Playwriting Workshop
    Date Time Place
    Tuesday evenings 6–9 pm Times Square Theater and Entertainment Center Rehearsal Suites, 300 West 43rd St., 3rd Floor
(SW corner at 8th Ave. near 43rd St. IND.)
Location subject to change; check schedule weekly.
Session studio fee: $5.00

Upcoming Performances

Playwrights & Actors      
  Tom Thornton
Don Donnellan
Maria Frisa
Stephen Girasuolo
Heather Gornall
Leslie Gwynn
Larry Herold
Carol Holland
Ray Jakovics
Dawn Jamieson
Ken Javie
Dongchan Lee
David Loughlin
Greg Machlin
Jim Mandler
Lisa McCree
Jennifer Nashorn
Felipe Ossa
Ralph Pochoda
Karen Post
Jane Prendergast
Dave Schmitt
Marsha Slatkin
Norman Weinstein
Jamal Williams
Rosemary Rennon
Shirley Caduhada
Andrew Ehrlich
Leah Emmerich
Kevin Hardy
Mike Jankowitz
Jack Luceno
William Masik
Susan McCallum
Nevada Munro
Doug Stone
Alex Tavis
L.B. Williams
Scott Williams
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